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Anonymous said: 😜 you know we love you so much right?

i couldn’t hold back my tears when i saw this. i hope you guys know i love you just as much :~) you’re all so wonderful!

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Anonymous said: Kelli I want to do something for when your beautiful soul is in heaven. As a stranger to you I want to create a blog & take note of all the things that you like. I'll write blog posts to you and keep you updated on the world, major events and some not so major events. I'll post all of Ellen's cool videos, people can leave you messages and you will never, ever be forgotten. I just need your permission ❤️ I'm not a stalker I promise, just a 22 year old girl who thinks you are wonderful

this is so so so incredible. i can’t even believe that someone would do this for me.. i feel so loved. you have my permission 100% sweet pea! you are such a gem and if you do dedicate a blog to me, i will find a way to look at it when i pass over. lots and lots of love to you :~)

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hey cuties! it’s been a rough couple days for me, both physically and emotionally. i was feeling really down yesterday. but after a good cry and a nice hot shower, i was able to get my thoughts together and started to feel better. i think it was just a bad day for me.. and that’s okay. with all things considered, most of my days are good days so having a bad day once in awhile is normal and okay. i think a lot of my feelings came from what’s going on with me lately cancer-wise. so as i’ve talked about before, limpy (my lower abdomen tumor) has been growing in a way that made the blood flow in my right leg poopy and made my leg all swollen and tingly. well that problem got better after i started taking the blood thinners, but now it’s bad again. i’ve also started to notice the tingling feeling and soreness in my left leg and i’ve been getting weird, sharp pains in my tail bone.. and from what my doctor said this can be extremely serious. i guess it just scared me because i don’t know how long it’s going to take to spread or where it’s going to spread or how uncomfortable i’ll feel… it’s not in my control. it’s just scary to think about sometimes. i’m aware that my cancer is growing and it’s going to keep growing but sometimes it’s like wait what!!! i didn’t agree to this!! i’ve been sleeping more lately too which is actually kind of nice. i love sleep hehe :~) i just wanted to make this update to let you guys know that i’m still kickin! something that i think is really important with an illness such as cancer is to remain positive. i think optimism and positive thinking can do wonders for the body. the mind is such an amazing, powerful thing and i think the longer you believe that things will be okay, the longer they WILL be okay. the moment you start being pessimistic and start believing that your cancer will kill you, it will kill you. thinking that i still have a chance in my fight, even if i don’t, is what keeps my spark alive.

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