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Anonymous said: Advice for feeling comfortable in your own skin? Advice for losing weight the (keyword) healthy way?

if you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, you need to let go of the idea that losing weight will help. treat your body as if it were your child. nourish it properly, take care of it, never think of it as anything less than beautiful. your body is just that… a body. you are not your body, you are your spirit. so rather than working on “fixing” your body, work on yourself and changing your perception :~)

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Anonymous said: Do you believe in the after life? Hmm or more like, do you think you're going somewhere after you're done in this world? If yes, how do you imagine it to be?

i think when my spirit leaves my physical body, it will go to “heaven” and maybe my soul will be at a peaceful rest for eternity or maybe it’ll go on a new adventure.. who knows! :)

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Anonymous said: What's your favourite thing about fall?

i just love the cozy feeling when fall comes around. the beautiful colors, raking piles of leaves and jumping in them, going apple picking, hay rides, halloween, scary movie marathons, thanksgiving and spending time with family, the delicious food, PIE, carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, sweater weather, snuggling in blankets drinking tea… it’s just the most wonderful season and i love it so much :~)

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Anonymous said: how are you feeling sweetie?

i’m feeling alright actually :) tired like usual but i’ve been resting lots and taking care of myself. thank you for asking cutie! 

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if i could only eat 1 food for the rest of my life… it would be these beauties


Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy eating.

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy wearing.

Stop apologizing for how you prefer to spend your day.

Stop apologizing for the things that make you happy.

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i just wanted to make a little follower appreciation post for you guys because i seriously love you guys! i’m so so so grateful for all of your sweet messages and even though i don’t answer them publicly, i read every single message i get and this is one big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU UR ALL CUTE AS HECK AND I LOVE YOU LITTLE BANANAS. to be honest, i don’t answer many of the nice anon messages i get because whenever i’m feeling a little down, i go to my inbox i have all your messages there to read and they just lift me up and remind me that i must be doing something right. you guys are the best. to anyone who has an actual question to ask me, PLEASE read my about me before you message me! i get so many questions everyday that are right there if you just take a couple minutes to check that out it will most likely answer your question :) 
so hello to all my cute new followers and hello to all my long time cuties who have stuck around and put up with my silly little self. you’re all so important to me. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND STAY POSITIVE :~)